New project Midnight Fog

I want to announce a new project of mine. It’s a open source DIY hardware for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other platforms.

Stay tuned!


Few projects are already available:

  • RTC-SHIM – RTC-SHIM (mini-HAT), a DS3231 battery driven real-time clock for Raspberry Pi
  • NRF24-SHIM – NRF24-SHIM (mini-HAT), an interface board for NRF32L01+ radio boards for Raspberry Pi
  • DOT-SHIM – DOT-SHIM (mini-HAT), a DIY 2.54mm raster board for Raspberry Pi
  • FAN-SHIM – FAN-SHIM (mini-HAT), support board for axial fans to cool Raspberry Pi
  • LED-SHIM – LED-SHIM (mini-HAT), RGB LED array for Raspberry Pi
  • LoRaBaseBoard – LoRa Base Board for popular Hoperf’s RFM95/96/97/98 modules
  • USB2Serial – USB to Serial boards to program Arduino Pro Mini boards
  • USBSocket – Simple micro/mini/full USB adapter boards
  • UNO/328 – A clone board of popular Arduino Uno with improved EMC properties, simple and cheap to produce
  • LEO/32U4 – A clone board of popular Arduino Leonardo with improved EMC properties, simple and cheap to produce

CUDA-Z 0.10.251 is out


Once in a Blue Moon

CUDA-Z 0.10.251 is out at 2015.07.31. What’s new:

  • Use CUDA run-time 6.5;
  • Add export to clipboard;
  • 64-bit integer performance test;
  • Improved missing CUDA error messages;
  • Support of new hardware;
  • Separate 32 and 64-bit builds for Windows and Linux platforms;
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

You can download CUDA-Z from:

Have fun!

WBR, Redscorp